Watch Over my Life

Watch Over my Life

Laura Ashley Gallagher

SKU: 9781527290792

Jessica Connors has her life figured out - successful career, independent woman, and hiding a life-threatening illness. She plans to keep it that way even when Jake Williams comes crashing into her life. As her brother’s childhood friend and now her boss, she despises everything about him. So, when she wakes up naked in his bed one morning, she wonders how she has ended up there. Their one-night stand sets off a series of surprising events that will bring the pair closer than ever, and she gives away something she never knew he wanted.

Her heart. her life becomes everything she has dreamed of, but dreams don’t last forever. Somebody always wakes you eventually. And when Jessica wakes, she is forced to face a past that is haunting her, and secrets best left unspoken - secrets that will change both of their lives forever.

ISBN: 9781527290792

Format: Paperback