Padraig Og O'Ruairc

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On 8 July 1921 a Truce between the IRA and British forces in Ireland was announced, to begin three days later. However, in those three days at least sixty people from both sides of the conflict were killed. In 'Truce', Padraig Og O Ruairc goes back to the facts to reveal what actually happened in those three bloody days, and why.

* What sparked Belfast's 'Bloody Sunday' in 1921, the worst bout of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland's troubled history?* Why were four unarmed British soldiers kidnapped and killed by the IRA in Cork just hours before the ceasefire began?* Who murdered Margaret Keogh, a young Dublin rebel, in cold blood on her own doorstep? * Were the last spies shot by the IRA really working for British intelligence or just the victims of anti-Protestant bigotry? This book answers these questions for the first time and separates fact from fiction to find out what really happened in the final battles between the IRA and the British forces.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781781173855