The Women Who Ran Away

The Women Who Ran Away

Sheila O’Flanagan

SKU: 9781472254818

Deira isn't the kind of woman to steal a car. Or drive to France alone with no plan.

But then, Deira didn't expect to be single. Or to suddenly realise that the only way she can get the one thing she wants most is to start breaking every rule she lives by.

Grace has been sent on a journey by her late husband, Ken.

She doesn't really want to be on it but she's following his instructions, as always. She can only hope that the trip will help her to forgive him. And then - finally - she'll be able to let him go.

Brought together by unexpected circumstances, Grace and Deira find that it's easier to share secrets with a stranger, especially in the shimmering sunny countryside of Spain and France. But they soon find that there's no escaping the truth, whether you're running away from it or racing towards it . .

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781472254818