The Secret Seven Collection 3 : Books 7-9

The Secret Seven Collection 3 : Books 7-9

Enid Blyton

SKU: 9781444952476

Solve the mystery with the Secret Seven - everyone's favourite detective club! This fantastic bumper collection contains Secret Seven books 4-9, with illustrations by Tony Ross. Book 7: Secret Seven Win Through (first published in 1955)The Seven have a fantastic new hiding place. But someone else is using it at night - and it's Jack's little sister Susie who helps them catch the intruder.

Book 8: Three Cheers, Secret Seven (first published in 1956)Peter and Jack see a gas-fire alight in one of the rooms when they search for their lost aeroplane in the garden of an abandoned house. Who is hiding there and why? Book 9: Secret Seven Mystery (first published in 1957)A girl runs away from home - and it's up to the Seven to find her! Jack's little sister Susie is up to her usual tricks - but she can't put the Seven off the trail of clues!These timeless stories are perfect for young fans of mystery, adventure or detective series.

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781444952476