The Real Odessa : How Nazi War Criminals Escaped Europe

The Real Odessa : How Nazi War Criminals Escaped Europe

Uki Goni

SKU: 9781783789252

As Russian forces closed in on Berlin, and Hitler's regime drew to a close, many Nazi officials began to organize their escape from Germany. Thanks to an international effort - which included the enthusiastic support of the Vatican and President Juan Peron - they were able to evade justice, and found refuge in Argentina.

In this startling, meticulously researched account, acclaimed author Uki Goni unravels the complex network that protected these fugitives, revealing the 'ratline' that allowed Adolf Eichmann - the architect of the 'Final Solution' - Josef Mengele, Erich Priebke, and many more to escape Europe. Both compelling and revelatory, this remarkable investigation sheds vital light on a disquieting period in Europe's history. This revised edition includes a new foreword by the author, new interviews, and a comprehensive list of the Nazi and European World War Two criminals who fled to Argentina.

ISBN: 9781783789252

Format: Paperback