The Military History Book : The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Weapons that Shaped the World

The Military History Book : The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Weapons that Shaped the World


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A compelling visual guide to the history of the military!Travel through time and explore 5000 years of weaponry in stunning detail with this riveting military book - from the spears and swords of ancient times to the guns and grenades of modern warfare. This beautifully illustrated definitive military guide charts the evolution of battlefield technology. Here's what you'll find inside:- It includes objects taken from collections that are not available to the public or have never been photographed before- Features comprehensive catalogues of the key weapons, armour, equipment, and military technologies of each period, along with full specification details and information about special features- Includes stunning close-up "virtual tours" on subjects as diverse as a Roman fort, a medieval castle, a WWI trench system, a WWII tank, and a modern aircraft carrier, to name a few- Narrative spreads and timelines provide historical context for the emerging use of, or key shifts in certain technologies, explaining their impact on troops, tactics, and fortificationsThe Military History Book profiles key arms and armaments and conveys technologies and tactics across hundreds of pages of dramatic photography and accessible text.

Find out how war is waged between battleships at sea, tanks on the battlefield, and fighter planes in the skies. Climb siege towers, drive chariots, enter medieval fortresses, fly unmanned drones, and detect stealth bombers. You will also experience virtual tours of iconic vehicles, including the T-34 Tank, the Lockheed F-117 Stealth Bomber, and the AH-64 Apache helicopter.

Uncover military history from iconic battles, leaders and weapons of war that changed the course of history and shaped our modern world. This engrossing visual account of military history builds on the bestselling, international success of Weapon, Battle, Soldier, and War, and is an essential purchase for all military enthusiasts or anyone intrigued by the history of military warfare and weaponry.

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ISBN: 9781409383444