The Devil Wears Farah

The Devil Wears Farah

C J MacCarthy

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"Set to become a Limerick classic" - Limerick Post

The Devil Wears Farah is a hilarious but thoughtful account of the experiences of one boy growing up in the Ireland of the Seventies. Nestled within a noisy, argumentative, absolutely typical family of that era and that place, the young MacCarthy, with his ‘child prodigy capacity for deceit' is a whip-smart witness to his society's slow and blinking emergence into the bright shining world of modernity and consumerism.

The reader will only stop smiling to laugh out-loud at the memories of what they ate, what they thought, how they talked and what they believed. The most delicate balancing act here is to laugh with but not at – and in this, The Devil Wears Farah succeeds completely.
The genuine affection and respect for the families and a society that was doing its best is palpable and a welcome relief from retrospective sneering. Doing so in a humorous and self-deprecating way makes The Devil Wears Farah the ideal companion for the trip back to that Ireland…

The Devil Wears Farah is half hug, half head-butt, all humour.

ISBN: 9781910827666

Format: Paperback