Shortcake Cake, Vol. 3

Shortcake Cake, Vol. 3

Suu Morishita

SKU: 9781974700639

An unflappable girl and a cast of lovable male roommates at a boardinghouse create bonds of friendship and romance. When Ten moves out of her parents' home in the mountains to live in a boardinghouse, she finds herself becoming fast friends with her male roommates. But can love and romance be far behind? Chiaki and Ten pretend they're dating to dissuade Rei, Riku's younger brother, from continuing to bother her.

But Chiaki believes that Riku still has feelings for Ten and tries to bring them together. A heartwarming tale of friendship about a self-possessed girl and a boardinghouse full of boys. Releases 4 times a year for 6+ volumes.

Series is ongoing. A story about love and friendship in high school with an ensemble cast similar to Kimi ni Todoke. Features a harem of cute boys, like successful shojo series Ouran High School Host Club, Demon Prince of Momochi House, Yona of the Dawn and more.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781974700639