Second Act

Second Act

Danielle Steel

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HAPPINESS.In this compelling novel from billion copy bestselling author Danielle Steel, a top Hollywood movie mogul seeks a new beginning when his career takes an unplanned turn. .As the head of a prestigious movie studio for nearly two decades, Andy Westfield has had every professional luxury: a stunning office, a loyal assistant who can all but read his mind, access to a private jet and company cars.

Andy always put his career before his marriage, and now, besides his daughter and young grandchildren, it’s s the only thing he truly loves. But then Andy’s world is upended. The studio is sold, and the buyer’s s son demands the top seat. Out of a job and humiliated, Andy knows he needs to get as far away from Los Angeles as possible until the dust settles and he can find a new way forward. Andy signs a six-month rental agreement for a luxurious home in a small town on the south coast of England.

When he arrives, he hires a local woman to help get his affairs in order. A former journalist, Violet Smith is at a crossroads as well. But when Violet leaves the manuscript of her unfinished novel behind after work one day, Andy is captivated by a story that begs to be adapted for the big screen.

Could this be the miracle they’ve both been looking for? In Second Act, Danielle Steel presents a heartening tale of how challenging times give way to opportunities and an original outline does not always contain the perfect ending.

Format: Trade Paperback 

ISBN: 9781529022544