Science Year by Year

Science Year by Year


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This epic journey of scientific discovery starts in ancient times and travels through centuries of invention before fast forwarding into the future. In this ultimate home reference, you'll see simple machines and modern-day marvels, following incredible illustrated timelines that plot the entire history of science and highlight the most momentous discoveries. A jaw-dropping collection of more than 1,500 photographs, illustrations, maps, and graphics charts the evolution of science year by year, century by century.

You'll meet influential inventors and famous faces from the past, including Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, and Stephen Hawking. You'll visit places of scientific importance, such as prehistoric cave art, Stonehenge, Hiroshima and the first atomic bomb, the Moon landings, and the Higgs boson particle. These huge events are made simple thanks to eye-catching images, helpful timelines, and accessible, informative text.

Landmark people and periods are combined in this one stunning family reference, showcasing the ideas, experiments, and technologies that have shaped our daily lives and transformed the world we live in today. Budding scientists, get ready for a time travelling trip like no other.

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780241212264