Sally in the City of Dreams

Sally in the City of Dreams

Judi Curtin

SKU: 9781788494519

Crossing the ocean for a new life I looked up and the American flags on the roof seemed miles and miles away in the blue, blue, sky. I looked along the street, and the building seemed to go on forever. It's 1911 and young sisters Sally and Bridget are sailing to New York to find work - leaving behind their home and everything they know in Ireland.

The city is so big and strange, but the sisters and their new friend Julia are determined to make the most of this exciting new world. They have each other, and if they work hard, New York is full of opportunities. Then, when a false accusation threatens to destroy everything, the girls realise there's nothing more important than sticking together.

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781788494519