Not Without My Tractor!

Not Without My Tractor!

Finn-Ole Heinrich

SKU: 9781912417216

Tractor is definitely the hero of this story because Tractor can do anything - move mountains, dig swimming pools, act as a guard dog, do the school run, squash traffic jams. What's not to like? Problem is, this family is on the move from the country to the city, and parents don't seem to `get' tractors the way little boys and girls do. This hilarious story takes the form of an argument between parent and child about whether or not Tractor can come to the city.

The more sensible the parent's objections, the more imaginative are the child's counter-arguments. Playful, very unconventional, and with a mysterious twist, this is a story for kids who love tractors - and that's all kids, right? This book will have special appeal to children who live on farms and take a dim view of city life, but city kids will also love the contrary tone of the child/parent dialogue - and who could fail to love Tractor?

ISBN: 9781912417216

Format: Paperback