Noisy Dinosaurs

Noisy Dinosaurs

Jonathan Litton

SKU: 9781848691650

Touch, feel and hear the noisy dinosaurs on every page of this interactive chunky board book, packed with bright photographs, tactile textures and exciting dinosaur roars! Ever wanted to know exactly what sounds different dinosaurs made? Whether a T-Rex really roared and a Pterodactyl really screeched? With touch-and-feel elements and a sound on every page, Noisy Dinosaurs is the perfect board book for interactive learning - but be warned - it's hard to put down! Learn about five amazing dinosaurs and practise your best dinosaur sounds! This noisy dinosaur sound book is a great way to introduce little ones to exciting facts as they touch the dinosaurs to hear the noises. Play, discover and learn! Press the touch-and-feel elements to hear five exciting sounds, with a button on the last page to play all five sounds again! This amazing dinosaur book covers topics such as: What noises dinosaurs made How and why dinosaurs looked like they did What dinosaurs ate Fun facts about dinosaurs Noisy Dinosaurs is part of the bestselling My First Touch and Feel Sound Books series for children. The books in this series are filled with exciting sounds and fun facts and come with an on/off switch to preserve battery life.

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Format: Board Book

ISBN: 9781848691650