My Mindfulness Activity Book

My Mindfulness Activity Book

Chiara Piroddi

SKU: 9788854416529

Mindfulness is one of the trendiest topics for both children and adults: it helps to increase the awareness each of us has of ourselves and the world surrounding us, avoiding judgments and building an empathic attitude. The task sounds challenging for children, but it has been proven to be very helpful and fitted for the free minds of children. A practical guide, an activity book filled with easy-to-follow instructions for games and tasks thought for children.

Stickers, colourful pages, easy games to enhance the focusing skills of children as well as relaxing activities to unwind as well as to keep calm during stressful situations. The children can follow the lead of the two young protagonists of this activity book to master the art of mindfulness! Includes 8 pages of stickers.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9788854416529