Minecraft Into The Game Box-set

Minecraft Into The Game Box-set

Mojang AB

SKU: 9781405297745

The Woodsword Chronicles Collection contains the first four titles in the hugely popular Woodsword Chronicles series: Into the Game, Night of the Bats, Deep Dive and Ghast in the Machine. Into the GameWhen Doc Culpepper, the science teacher, asks Morgan and his friends to test her new Virtual Reality Minecraft Project, they can't wait! Inside the world of Minecraft, the friends build and gather to make a castle and survive the night. But something isn't right.

Morgan and his friends are in trouble and Ash might be the only person that can help. Night of the BatsWoodsword Middle has been infested by bats, bringing chaos and disorder into Ms Minerva's classroom. The friends continue to explore Doc Culpepper's virtual reality world of Minecraft.

When they arrive at a village which is terrorised by a hostile mob each night, they know they must help out. But will the kids work out how to stop the mob and save the villagers? And why is Ms Minerva's classroom full of bats? Dive Deep!The gang from Woodsword Middle School have re-entered the world of Minecraft, and this time they're taking the plunge to discover the secrets of the ocean biome. When the friends follow a treasure map, they find their underwater quest ties in perfectly with their new school science project.

Format: Box-set

ISBN: 9781405297745