Mapping the Oceans

Mapping the Oceans

Carolyn Fry

SKU: 9781788280921

As early as 5000 BC, efforts have been made to map these oceans, establish trade routes and discover new lands. In more recent years, this energy has focused downwards, into the ocean's inky depths and shadowy seabeds. Award winning writer Carolyn Fry explores all of the above, narrating centuries of maritime exploration - from James Cook to James Cameron - and the fascinating discoveries which helped to map the world.

This book is produced in collaboration with the National Maritime Museum. Based in Greenwich, London, this prestigious museum has the largest archives for maritime history in the world, comprising of more than 1.5 million items. Dedicated to conservation, educational outreach and cutting-edge research, NMM is a world-leading institution in the study of maritime history. This beautifully illustrated full-color book includes a spectacular selection of rare maps from their archives, from historic sea charts to topographic maps of the ocean floor.

Mapping the Oceans combines remarkable history with cutting edge science, including all you need to know about this fantastic and tantalizing of phenomena - the sea

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781788280921