The Magic Moment

The Magic Moment

Niall Breslin

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Freddie is excited about his first trip to the swimming pool. But when he gets there, he finds it scary. So scary in fact, that he just wants to go home ...

Later that evening, Nana teaches him a secret trick. It's called the Magic Moment Trick and it gives you superpowers when you're facing something scary. You simply close your eyes, think of your happiest memory and squeeze your finger and thumb together.

Beautifully illustrated by Sheena Dempsey, Bressie's first picture book for children incorporates an easy mindfulness technique within a charming story. The Magic Moment helps children return to the present moment and is a must for parents or anyone working with children who wants to help them feel the fear and jump in anyway. 'Teaches children a really simple and effective mindfulness technique for managing big feelings' Dr Malie Coyne'A book with an important message' Irish Independent'The sort of book that could be genuinely helpful to an anxious child' The Irish Times

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780717184866