Irish Fairy and Folk Tales

Irish Fairy and Folk Tales

W B Yeats

SKU: 9781398819269

This handsome hardback edition presents Yeats' enthralling tales from Ireland's oral history, with delightful illustrations, gilded page edges and a striking gold-embossed cover design.

One of Ireland's greatest writers, the Nobel-prize winner W. B. Yeats was fascinated by the myths and folklore of his native country. Compiled by Yeats in 1892, these stories were collected around the country by a variety of historians, including Lady Wilde, the mother of Oscar Wilde.

Within these pages, you'll discover tales of greedy sons who get their comeuppance, canny priests, evil witches and demons alongside legends of heroic kings, giants and, of course, the good folk themselves - the fairies, the leprechauns and the cluricauns. By turns charming and scary, these are yarns that have passed down through generations and which are still as entertaining and magical as when they were first recalled.

This cloth-look hardback edition features beautiful illustrations, ivory pages and patterned endpapers, making a wonderful gift or keepsake for any literature lover.

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781398819269