Hidden Kerry: The Keys to the Kingdom

Hidden Kerry: The Keys to the Kingdom

Breda Joy

SKU: 9781781174616

The magnetism of Kerry lies as much in its people as its landscape. 'Hidden Kerry' takes you on the less-travelled paths of the kingdom and is peopled with a varied cast of characters with colourful stories. Open the covers and lose yourself in the story of Lord Kenmare's forgotten mansion, which hosted royal visits until it was consumed by fire in 1913.

An amazing edifice of towers, marble and art, it was reduced to a pile of ashes in hours. You will also meet vibrant characters, such as Lily of the Valley: Lily van Ooost, the Flemish artist who made her home in the Black Valley where she embarked on wildly creative textile projects, including knitting a jumper for Dublin's Halfpenny Bridge. As well as this 'Hidden Kerry' will tell you where to find the county's unknown natural beauty spots concealed just minutes off the beaten track.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781781174616