Girl Forgotten

Girl Forgotten

Karin Slaughter

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The stunning new thriller from international #1 bestseller Karin SlaughterA girl with a secret...Longbill Beach, 1982. Emily Vaughn gets ready for prom night, the highlight of any high school experience. But Emily has a secret.

And by the end of the evening, she will be dead.A murder that remains a mystery...Forty years later, Emily's murder remains unsolved. Her friends closed ranks, her family retreated inwards, the community moved on. But all that's about to change.One final chance to uncover a killer...Andrea Oliver arrives in town with a simple assignment: to protect a judge receiving death threats.

But her assignment is a cover. Because, in reality, Andrea is here to find justice for Emily - and to uncover the truth before the killer decides to silence her too...

Format: Paperback