Double Dork Diaries 1

Double Dork Diaries 1


SKU: 9780857072184

A special bumper edition of dorkiness featuring the first two books in the bestselling DORK DIARIES series! Nikki Maxwell has just started at her new school and is determined to make a fresh start, leaving her dorky past behind her. But when you're the girl who spills spaghetti over herself during lunch, or who dresses as a giant rat for Halloween, or whose dad drives a van with a giant cockroach on the roof, it's hard to transform from loser queen to queen-bee overnight. But one thing's for sure, Nikki's life is never dull, and now you can enjoy the first two hilarious installments of her diary in this fabulous two-in-one bind-up.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780857072184