Daisy and the Trouble with Maggots

Daisy and the Trouble with Maggots

Kes Gray

SKU: 9781782959670

Go crazy for the one and only Daisy! Cheeky, extremely readable and funny young fiction from the bestselling author behind the hilarious OI FROG series.

Here comes trouble!

Daisy's uncle is taking her on a FISHING TRIP! And she is so excited.

There is so much to learn about fishing, it isn't just about rods and bait and waiting. Daisy also needs to know about:

How water witches turn fishermen into dog poos
Why supermarkets don't stock picknicky things like lemonade and chicken wings on the same shelf
And why maggots are one of the best things about fishing!

But the trouble with maggots is they don't make very good catapult ammunition...

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781782959670