Blaze and the Dark Rider : 2

Blaze and the Dark Rider : 2

Stacy Gregg

SKU: 9780007245178

The second Pony Club Secrets adventure by bestselling author of The Princess and the Foal. Issie is riding for Chevalier Point Pony Club at the Interclub Gold Shield - the biggest competition of the year. Training is going well and Issie and friends are on course for glory when disaster strikes.

Someone is sabotaging their equipment! And when a friend is injured, Issie must call on the help of her pony guardian Mystic to stop the troublemaker before it's too late... The second action-packed mystery adventure in the Pony Club Secrets series by bestselling author of 'The Princess and the Foal'.

ISBN: 9780007245178

Format: Paperback