Becoming Mila

Becoming Mila

Estelle Maskame

SKU: 9781785303326

Meet Mila. Sixteen years old, an ordinary LA girl . . . except for her A-list actor dad. With his next big movie premiere on the horizon, the media spotlight is intense - and when Mila's antics make headlines, something must be done.

And so, exit Mila. Dispatched to small-town Tennessee to cool off. It's summer, she's off-grid in the middle of nowhere, but Mila's no sooner arrived than she falls out - in spectacular style - with local mayor's son, Blake.

Blake knows just how to rattle Mila. He also knows just how she feels. He gets the drama, the dynamics,the tricky parents.

Perhaps they have far more in common than either of them cares to admit. Becoming Mila shimmers with friendship, family frictions and romance. Set to the beat of Nashville over a long hot summer, this is the first book in an exhilarating new trilogy from Estelle Maskame.

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781785303326