Are ye Going up Town?

Are ye Going up Town?

Bradley Davies, Callaghan & Cronin

SKU: 9780905700298

Saturday for many people, including the authors Helene Bradley Davies, Ursula Callaghan and Maura Cronin - is about going to town or in Limerick's case 'Going Up Town'. This was how those living in 'The Parish' at Limerick's historic core referred to the ten minute walk down Nicholas Street, across the bridge and on to the shopping streets of the city centre. Where do we shop and why do we shop there? Simple questions really, but the response varies from 'That's where my mother went' to 'They have the best selection' to the simple fact of the particular shop's closeness to home. This prompted us to thinking about shops and shopping in Limerick. We knew from earlier projects in the present series, and from the 2014 Pop-Up Museum, that the people of Limerick had many stories to share. Perhaps some of the answers to our questions lay with them.

To this end, a series of oral history interviews was conducted, the participants gladly sharing with us their experiences of shopping in Limerick throughout the twentieth century. From the very black and white world of historical print matter, these memories truly add colour to what is a very rich history.

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780905700298