All Better!

All Better!

Catherine Ann Cullen, Inese Zandere, Reinis Petersons

SKU: 9781910411858

Everyone hates going to the doctor - taking their medicine, having their temperature taken, maybe having to go for surgery. This collection of poems and rhymes helps to make being sick a little less scary, with poems about broken bones, the chickenpox, having an injection and many more - with characters that will make young readers smile and laugh. Children can sing along to Owen's Broken Bone Blues, meet Ultan Ulrich Ultrasound - the man who can look right into your insides with his magical powers - and Eliza Analyser, who looks at all your cells under the microscope.

Translated from Latvian and retold for the English market by award-winning Irish poet Catherine Ann Cullen.

Format: Paperback

ISBN:  9781910411858