Recommendated Reading during Lockdown

Recommendated Reading during Lockdown

Looking for a good read during lockdown, here are a few I would recommend,

Box 88 by Charles Cumming - this is a brilliant political thriller. It goes backwards and forwards in time from the 1980's where the main character, Lachlan Kite is recruited as a spy by a teachers at his school, and sent to France to gather intelligence on an Iranian businessman thought to have been involved in the Lockerbie the present where he has been kidnapped and tortured by Iranian Intelligence to reveal the truth about what happened in France.  It was one of those novels that you were sorry to finish and wished it would go on longer.

The Searcher by Tan French - this is a really enjoyable suspense story which is set in and Irish Village.  It centers around a retired Chicago police officer who sets up house in the west of Ireland and over time is roped into finding out what happened a local Kid, Trey's brother. 

My Pear Shaped Life by Carmel Harrington - this is a thought provoking novel centering around Greta Gale who is appears to be funny, confident and carefree, however, Greta is hiding her unhappiness behind her outward appearance.  As her world starts to crumble Greta learns to accept herself as she is. 

The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult - this is a story about choices, what if you choose one path in life over the other.  The main character Dawn after a near death plane crash is offered a ticket to go wherever she needs to get to.  Will she return to her family or to the life and man she was forced to leave behind fifteen years ago?

 Happy Reading!

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