A Trio of New Arrivals

A Trio of New Arrivals

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1) Five Minds by Guy Morpuss.

"An addictive read that will remain with you long after you emerge from the rabbit hole" THE TIMES

"This clever, twisty debut really delivers. Gripping, well-written and intriguing on every level" - SARAH PEARSE

2) Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty

The brand new novel from the worldwide No. 1 bestselling author of Nine Perfect Strangers and the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning HBO series Big Little Lies

"Utterly and completely wonderful: an intelligent, forensic portrait of a family. A thrillingly honest depiction of a long marriage and an unsentimental look at the lives of their four children. Which also happens to be a hugely engaging, sometimes very funny, page-turner" MARIAN KEYES

3) Freckles by Cecelia Ahern

"Allegra Bird's arms are scattered with freckles, a gift from her beloved father. But despite her nickname, Freckles has never been able to join all the dots. So when a stranger tells her that everyone is the average of the five people they spend the most time with, it opens up something deep inside.

The trouble is, Freckles doesn't know if she has five people. And if not, what does that say about her? She's left her unconventional father and her friends behind for a bold new life in Dublin, but she's still an outsider. Now, in a quest to understand, she must find not one but five people who shape her - and who will determine her future.

Told in Allegra's vivid, original voice, moving from modern Dublin to the fierce Atlantic coast, this is an unforgettable story of human connection, of friendship, and of growing into your own skin."

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